Monday, June 23, 2008


So tender, pudique, alsmost shy and sorry to be nude.
Those are my favorite because when I met Jac, "Burned Sienna" was in on his tongue at every moment. And "Turquoise" and "Jof" (j'offre, I offer) also but this word doesn't describe a color, but an attitude, a posture of the body. Well, I could talk about Jac during hours. But anyway, let's live ahead and keep people we missed inside. Do I miss you Jac? I really feel that's ok with us.

Simply beautiful! Quel abandon!

Those special eyes of Jac. This look was from a free mind. Not in this kind of slavery that we call "freedom" nowadays. To be more specifics, Jac ignore the "color question" that could reign in our country sometimes.

This person seems to owe the world, although the world seem to ignore it. Please Lady, forgive him.
Jac used to put funny "accessoires" to his models, like this stockings. I remember one of a painting he did from me, I was like a Domina, with those stocks and a whip. I was 20 years old! Au secours! Hahahahahaha! Love ya, hon'


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